Not only do they fit great and are comfortable, but I no longer slip in human feces anymore! The sleek style and waterproof qualities allow me to dance across a bloody operating room floor with ease. No more broken toes from falling equipment thanks to the reinforced steel toe. What's even better is it looks like your everyday shoe! When I first got them I was really worried about my shoes getting blood stained, but the material used for the shoe is easily wipeable, and doesn't leave your sock soaked with a mixture of blood, urine, and hospital grade cleaning product!!
First thing I did when I put the shoe on, was imitate the shoe demonstration video found on YouTube and hit my foot numerous times with a hammer and I have to say to everyone..please be careful. On my first swing I missed and hit my ankle at full power with a hammer and thought I would never walk again. All around an amazing product that really outdid my expectations and boosted my confidence level! Its gotta be the shoes!!!
Delivering safety, comfort and style, these slip-resistant, steel toe safety shoes meet ASTM standards and are S1P SRC rated, with a water-resistant upper to repel liquids in addition to a comfortable shock-absorbing midsole.
Absolutely wonderful! If I hadn't known better they look and feel like regular shoes. The other men at work like them so much they all ordered a pair!