I work 12-17 hours a day in a warehouse with concrete floors.I have been a 2 year fan of CAT's shoes, i thought those were great, until one day, a few month ago, i was looking for new working shoes because the previous didn't last and my job was the worst nightmare for shoes, i would go through at least 2 pairs a year because i try to take away as much stress from my feet as possible. When i bought them, i was a little nervous because i never tried LARNMERN, but, then the carrier knocked at the door, i got a notification , my package arrive, i was ready to scream of excitement.

    These shoes are far better for reliability and comfort than your average Walmart shoes. The nonslip soles are the best feature; they are comfy, don't slip on wet surfaces and they don't collect debris. The toe box is comfy and provides very good protection for your feet (I've dropped numerous full kegs on my feet at work).
    As a comfy and functional everyday work shoe, Larnmern  is a natural. Combining athletic shoe style with added cushioning for maximum comfort, a slip-resistant outsole and shock absorption that's making the foot feel more comfort, larnmern is ready for what the day brings.